St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is located one mile north of Wolfsville, Maryland.  This stone church in its rural setting is a beautiful well-maintained building that houses a vibrant congregation.  St. Mark’s is part of the Maryland Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

St. Mark’s  is a welcoming worshiping community of faith which strives to share God’s love in Christ in our community and throughout the world.  We welcome visitors and friends to join in this outreach.


1845 — The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Wolfsville was organized.  Rev. Christopher Columbus Culler helped organize the congregation.

1847 — The cornerstone of the church was laid.  Land for the church was donated by the Marken family from the “Good Luck” homestead, located just north of Wolfsville.

1870 — The belfrey was added.  The bronze bell is the same bell that is in service today.

1879 — An Estey reed organ was purchased.

1908 — A pipe organ was installed.  It was operated by hand pumped bellows.    New pews were added.

1924 — The name St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran was proposed and accepted by the congregation.

1937 — Electricity came to Wolfsville.  New lights were installed and the pipe organ was electrified.

1954 — A two-story educational building was built.  The estimated value of the new building at the time was approximately $35,000.00.  Shortly after this, a new Moller Artiste pipe organ was purchased for $4,595.00.    Deagan chimes and a new altar were donated at the same time.

1977 — Another two-story addition was built to accomodate a kitchen, social room, new restrooms, children’s chapel, and a furnace room.  Our building was made handicapped accessible at this time.  The first floor was also remodeled, making permanent classrooms for the youth department.  The proposed cost was $69,000.00.

1990 — New pews were purchased by individuals or families as memorials to loved ones.

1995 — Stained glass windows in the sanctuary were given as memorials by various church members.  Stained glass windows would also be installed in the Sunday School areas during the next several years.